For cooking or frying in a continuous way all kind of food products, such as meat, poultry or fish products, fruits and vegetables.

We manufacture standard models and, on request, we can produce any customized solution, depending on the available heating source and the required production.

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Continuous cookers and fryers


  • Manufactured in stainless steel AISI304 鈥 EN 1.4301. As an option, in AISI316 鈥 EN 1.4401
  • Robust structure laying on legs with adjustable height
  • Four possible heating sources: Electric, steam, gas and gasoil
  • Self-regulated-in-height belt with double band in stainless steel: lower for moving the product and upper, adjustable, to force the sinking of the product
  • Our cookers include thermal isolation made out of high quality stone wool fiber to reduce the heat loss, environmental impact and increase the sustainability of the cooking process, as well as to offer a higher personal protection to the user and increase the process safety
  • Corners and weldings-free, to help on cleaning process and avoid any bacterial growth
  • All of our cookers/fryers are strictly verified and tested by our Quality Control department before shipping. They fulfill the CE regulations and, when required, they are verified by the following quality agencies: T脺V NORD Certification, T脺V NORD Cualicontrol, APPLUS Certification Technological Center and SCI Control & Inspeccion

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